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ClaritEE™ is a suite of business information integration and management services that takes the mystery out of your data center. When you can measure the data in your infrastructure accurately, you’ll be able to make superior decisions and move forward based on certainty.

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Our Outcomes

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With ClaritEE™, you’ll be able to take informed action quickly, resulting in immediate results and long-term energy and cost savings. Your bottom line will thank you.

Solutions to remove the guesswork

The most important element in a ClaritEE™ infrastructure information integration project is to understand the requirements of the operational and managerial stakeholders that will ultimately utilize the platform. This is done via a Detailed Discovery process that includes interviews and detailed equipment and software audits.

Once the key project goals are agreed upon, detailed design work, starting with an agreed upon system architecture, focuses the project scope and helps communicate the intent to all interested parties.

  • Site Readiness & Operational Assessments
  • Requirements & Software Selections (EPMS, BMS, DCIM)
  • Implementation Leadership & Management

Appropriate instrumentation provides accurate insights to manage and control your facility. Enabled Energy can select, install, and commission the right-sized hardware solutions to meet your needs. Without it, critical business visualizations, reports, and analytics have “gaps” in information.

  • Environmental Sensors
  • Submetering
  • Gateways
  • BMS Integration
  • EPMS Integration

Integration activities are at the heart of Enabled Energy’s ClaritEE™ solutions. Our goal is to incorporate as many existing data sources as possible with requisite new data sources to provide a unified data pool to tap for key business outcomes.

  • Coordinate with owners of existing and new data sources to ensure data readiness
  • Oversee extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) functions of all data sources
  • Integrate data sources into a common platform as necessary

Critical business outcomes, especially those related to Operational Management, Energy Management, Capacity Management, and Water Management, are built and configured as part of this important function. The result is a host of analytics, visualizations, and business reports that will streamline operations and decision making.

  • Environmental Monitoring & Visualizations
  • Power Monitoring & Visualizations
  • Customer Reporting & Analytics
  • Operational Awareness & Responsiveness
  • Capacity Management

Enabled Energy provides several optional on-going support services to augment the current capabilities of your team after the ClaritEE™ integration project is complete. This ensures your key business outcomes that are informed by your platform are sustained.

  • Software Updates
  • Adds / Moves / Changes
  • Technical Support
  • Continuous Commissioning for Energy Management
  • Dynamic 5-Year Capital Plan
  • ESG Compliance Reporting

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