2020/2021 Case Study

ClaritEE™ Helps Customer Manage Energy in Salt Lake City

ClaritEE™ Helps Customer Manage Energy in Salt Lake City

ClaritEE™ Helps Customer Manage Energy in Salt Lake City 2000 848 Enabled Energy

Enabled Energy was engaged to install additional monitoring and visualization capabilities in a Salt Lake City, UT facility. The client asked that no additional control functionality be deployed with this project. However, they were confident that analytics and engineering review of the data will allow changes to be made to the facility’s infrastructure that will reduce energy usage and improve reliability in the data center.

Enabled Energy’s Solution

Enabled Energy recommended installing the hardware and software necessary to monitor four key infrastructure groupings at the facility. The project was broken into 2 phases:

  • Phase 1 – During this phase, over 400 temperature sensors were installed for the Environmental and Air Conditioner “Modules.”
  • Phase 2 – During the 2nd phase, additional Bluetooth sensors, gateways, CTs, power meters, local controllers and Thermistor Temp Sensors were installed. The project involved expansion of the Environmental and Air Conditioner Modules into additional areas of the building while implementing the Plant and Power “Modules.”

In this integration project, ClaritEE™ utilized the devices from both phases to interface with the mechanical and electrical equipment in the facility for monitoring and visualization. Certain data was collected through the existing devices in the Johnson Controls building management system (BMS). Numerous graphical user interfaces (GUIs) in the ClaritEE™ deployment are employed to allow the client to view past and present temperatures, operating parameters, and energy usage. After the available data was collected and integrated into a Niagara-based data framework, ClaritEE™ views, alarms, analytics, savings, and charting functionality were applied. With this information, the client was able to use the ClaritEE™ temperature visualization to show an issue with a broken RTU that was adding solar heat rather than cooling the area. The visualization proved that the data hall was much cooler and energy was saved by turning off the broken RTU.

The Results

Based on the functionality of the complete ClaritEE™ integration service, the client now can effectively see and manage their energy usage at this location. Enabled Energy continues to provide their expertise to design solutions based on this data.

This project was completed by Enabled Energy in January 2021. Wasatch Electric provided electrical support. Johnson Controls configured the existing BMS to talk to the Niagara Supervisor server.

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