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The Enabled
Energy Distinction

At Enabled Energy, people and process are the backbone of our customers’ success: delivering verifiable results.

Technical Expertise

Modernizing existing equipment and establishing controls.

Collaborative Communication

Project precision and maximum preparedness.

Programmatic Approach

Optimized usage of your time and resources.

The EE Story

Enabled Energy began 10 years ago as a data center engineering services company focused on its customers and providing solutions for the problems they face.

Today, Enabled Energy is headquartered in Littleton, CO and continues to focus on its customers.  It has grown into a nationwide company that helps data centers improve their bottom line by reducing energy and operating costs and deferring capital expenses by modernizing their existing mechanical infrastructure.

We are our partners’ strongest advocates and provide exceptional savings and reliability through modernizing existing mechanical infrastructure using our technical expertise, data center knowledge, and exceptional customer service.

EE’s team are our client’s strongest advocates.  They are dedicated experts with an average of over 15 years’ experience in the data centers, energy, and construction space.  They listen well and work together to provide each of clients with the best solution for their facility.  They continually build a reputation as a trusted advisor and leader in the industry.

Enabled Energy makes Data Centers Better!

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”

– Theodore Roosevelt

The Enabled Energy Difference

We are our partners’ strongest advocates. We provide remarkable savings by modernizing existing mechanical infrastructure using our technical expertise, applying our data center knowledge, and delivering exceptional customer service. Our philosophy is to build trust with our partners and deliver them the most value through our people and process.

Enabled Energy uses a distinct methodical programmatic approach to:

  • Discover customer needs
  • Optimize existing infrastructure
  • Sustain benefits via monitoring, analysis and reporting

Recognition from our Customers

“I have been fortunate to work with EE for several years now and they are always on the cutting edge of the data center world.  Having a partner like EE has been invaluable to the success of our facility.”

Hosting.comScott Roberts

“Colorado Springs Utilities has utilized the services of Enabled Energy multiple times to facilitate data center projects and equipment reconfigurations.”

Colorado Springs UtilitiesThane M. LaBarre, PE

“We’re constantly inundated by work crews of various disciplines at our facility. Most are there to hang out on a corporate dime and aren’t in a hurry to complete the task at hand. It really was a refreshing change to see and work with such a cohesive group that got down to business the way they did. I can’t think of a single time I witnessed a single one of them not completely engrossed in their work. I’m noting them as special and I’m sure they have the same reputation in-house. The only disappointment is they aren’t local, and can’t replace some of our existing contractors!”

Enabled Energy CustomerCincinnati

“Enabled Energy really listened to our goals and invested in our vision. To date, our data center is among the most efficient in the world.”


I consider Enabled Energy to be the leaders in the data center space. They are my litmus test to all of the new technologies that are cropping up every day in the data center space. I trust them.”

Children’s Hospital of ColoradoLance Meacham

“Enabled Energy’s knowledge and service stands second to none.”

Enabled Energy Customer

“Enabled Energy’s expertise is saving us $1 million in energy costs each year.”

Enabled Energy CustomerFortune 100 Company

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