2023 Case Study

ClaritEE™ Integration in Houston Improves Visibility

ClaritEE™ Integration in Houston Improves Visibility

ClaritEE™ Integration in Houston Improves Visibility 2500 1541 Enabled Energy

Enabled Energy was engaged by this client to expand an enterprise ClaritEE™ integration to their recently acquired facility in Houston, Texas. The task was to incorporate the new facility into the existing ClaritEE™ implementation via the customer’s secure network, resulting in the centralization of system & device visualization and operational graphics.

Enabled Energy’s Solution

After receiving basic drawings, equipment lists, and addressing tables from the customer, Enabled Energy constructed the project architecture including a high-level summary of the types of systems integrated for dashboard visibility in ClaritEE™.

In order to leverage and centralize the existing ClaritEE™ implementation, local site collection software was installed at the Houston facility, with connectivity to the customer’s Enterprise Supervisor Server in Virginia to serve the visualizations.

Following on-site audits and discovery activities, Enabled Energy identified and established communication with over 800 devices to monitor key infrastructure groupings. Approximately 750 distinct views & operational graphics were prepared for the following ClaritEE™ modules to harmonize disparaging data, giving deep insight into the operational parameters and visibility.

Alarm Module

Provides annunciation of system alarm conditions.

Environment Module

Monitors environmental conditions reported by temperature sensors.

Power Module

Energy utilization monitoring and performance analysis of electrical equipment.

A/C Module

Visualization and performance analysis of data center cooling.

Plant Module

Visualization and performance analysis of central plant equipment.

Analytics Module

Access to discrete point data, enabling reporting, forensic review, and analysis.

The Results

Following the completion of this ClaritEE™ integration, the customer can now effectively visualize and manage their facility performance and energy usage in Houston, with centralized access to their primary and secondary servers deployed in Chicago and Virginia.

This project was completed by Enabled Energy in February 2023.

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