2022 Case Study

Sensor Upgrades Improve Reliability & Lower Costs

Sensor Upgrades Improve Reliability & Lower Costs

Sensor Upgrades Improve Reliability & Lower Costs 2000 1333 Enabled Energy

Enabled Energy was enlisted to provide environmental sensors and gateways at 5 sites during the 1st quarter of 2022. The goal of the project was to provide devices that have a long battery life that would increase the reliability of their data while reducing the maintenance and cost of battery changes.

Enabled Energy’s Solution

The client provided Enabled Energy with requirements for an environmental sensor solution based on customer preference within each facility. The scope included both temperature and humidity sensors to provide accurate reporting at each site. The data collected from these devices was integrated into their existing network through Modius.

To ensure the best layout, the client also provided a floor plan for each location with suggested placement of the scoped equipment. Enabled Energy then worked closely with the client’s team to identify the gateway positions to ensure the best coverage. The gateways communicate with the sensors via a Bluetooth connection, and pass information to other gateways via Wi-Fi. The gateways are connected to the existing network at the sites to establish good connection and communication between the units.

The Results

This project was successfully implemented over a 3-month period in early 2022 by Enabled Energy staff. The initial time on site was an average of 6 days. The EE team provided continued support as the system was commissioned to ensure successful operation of all the new hardware. The sensors installed have an average battery life of 10 years.

Location Temperature Sensors Installed Humidity Sensors Installed Gateways Installed
Vancouver, Canada 104 26 6
Montreal, Canada 226 65 14
Toronto, Canada 35 6 3
Minneapolis, MN 88 10 3
Columbus, OH 139 19 7

* Estimated greenhouse gas emissions reduction calculated with www.epa.gov/energy/greenhouse-gas-equivalencies-calculator

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