2021 Case Study

Wireless Sensors Improve Visibility in San Diego

Wireless Sensors Improve Visibility in San Diego

Wireless Sensors Improve Visibility in San Diego 2000 1119 Enabled Energy

This telecom client sought to improve environmental visibility within the data floor of their facility in San Diego, CA through the implementation of new wireless temperature sensors. Not only was the site previously equipped with outdated Alerton temperature sensors, but the site also did not have enough sensors installed per zone for an accurate representation of temperature differences throughout their facility.

Enabled Energy’s Solution

Enabled Energy (EE) was responsible for replacing all 128 existing Alerton sensors with their EE wireless temperature sensors. In order to provide the requested accurate representation of current data floor environmental conditions, EE moved forward with installing additional sensors to various areas that were lacking visibility. After installation, each area served by a specific CRAC unit was covered by not just one, but an average of 4 separate EE temp sensors. To ensure visibility, the EE team set up 4 gateways to relay the current temperature data and conditions to the facility’s BMS. The gateways were strategically placed throughout the building in locations high above the data floor to successfully receive all points from the field. The project was complete once all sensors and gateways were configured and displayed real-time accurate data.

The Results

As a result of this project, the client has greater visibility of the current and historical temperature conditions at this facility. Based on the resulting data, they will be able to make more strategic decisions for the operation of its cooling equipment. In addition, the existing Alerton sensors are known for their shorter battery life and require frequent battery replacement. The EE provided wireless sensors have 10+ years of battery life, along with Bluetooth technology and a range of 250 feet. These will reduce maintenance activity and improve the overall dependability of the data.

Enabled Energy, Inc. self-performed this project in May 2021.

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