2022 Case Study

Audits Across 4 Sites Uncovers Energy Efficiency Opportunities

Audits Across 4 Sites Uncovers Energy Efficiency Opportunities

Audits Across 4 Sites Uncovers Energy Efficiency Opportunities 2500 1406 Enabled Energy

Enabled Energy (EE) was engaged to perform professional reviews of four network-equipment facilities — two remote desktop audits and two onsite audits. The intent of each audit was to develop a multi-year Facility Master Plan with a detailed roadmap of repairs, maintenance, upgrades, and improvements to each building’s operation and performance.

The study scope included reviews of previous reports, design drawings, power usage data, HVAC equipment data, recent changes to the facility, and end of life benchmarks.

Enabled Energy’s Solution

After assessing all data provided by the client and completing the onsite investigations, Enabled Energy compiled detailed reports for each facility. Included in these reports were summaries of current facility conditions, including utility data monthly costs and energy usage, PUE analysis, and an energy usage breakout before and after measures are implemented.

The Results

Enabled Energy identified Retro-Commissioning Measures (RCMs) and Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) that would provide the most cost effective energy efficiency solutions for each facility. These RCM and ECM opportunities are summarized below, including the estimated energy savings, estimated cost savings, estimated greenhouse gas reduction, and targeted annual PUE when the recommended optimization projects are completed.

Location Estimated Energy Savings Estimated Cost Savings Estimated Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targeted Annual PUE
Ontario, CA 665,760 kWh/yr $61,382 / yr 466 tCO2 / yr 1.7
Tempe, AZ 1,103,760 kWh/yr $100,844 / yr 1,136 tCO2 / yr 1.6
Bloomington, MN 447,286 kWh/yr $46,070 / yr 324 tCO2 / yr 1.5
Vista, CA 586,920 kWh/yr $68,109 / yr 877 tCO2 / yr 1.5

Enabled Energy performed these audits in August and September of 2022.

* Estimated greenhouse gas emissions reduction calculated with www.epa.gov/energy/greenhouse-gas-equivalencies-calculator

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