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Optimization in Colorado Produces Impressive Results

Optimization in Colorado Produces Impressive Results

Optimization in Colorado Produces Impressive Results 2000 1332 Enabled Energy

Enabled Energy’s customer was looking to improve upon its mechanical cooling system’s operational efficiency at its data center facility located in Aurora, CO. The goal was to integrate and leverage the existing, but dormant, heat exchangers thereby reducing the burden on the mechanical chillers. Enabled Energy (EE) proposed a project to lead the recommissioning effort and optimize the central plant sequences of operation (SOO) to yield most efficient plant operation.

Enabled Energy’s Solution

EE executed a three-part plan:

Review as-built conditions and system operation

Onsite and remote investigations were conducted to validate as-built system configuration. Current plant SOO was determined, documented, and ultimately revamped to incorporate heat exchanger use and enable the most efficient and fail-safe operation.

Test and verify component functionality

EE worked with the customer’s local site operations team and mechanical contractor to test and validate heat exchanger, associated valve, and component functionality.

Start up, testing and plant recommissioning

EE created a method of procedure (MOP) comprised of a step-by-step action plan, with appropriate backout procedures, for the start-up, testing and recommissioning process. EE personnel led the project site implementation, testing and commissioning work in-conjunction with the customer’s operation team, mechanical contractor and controls vendor.

The Results

By leveraging head pressure controls on the condensing circuit, the condensing water setpoint was reduced from 80°F to 68°F and 74°F for the respective data centers. Partial “pre-cooling” was enabled for outdoor WB temperatures between 40 and 46°F and total “free-cooling” (HX and tower operation only) was enabled for outdoor WB temperature conditions below 40°F. Partial or total free mechanical cooling operation are now enabled for just over 60% of the annual hours for the facility based on historical bin data (see chart). This equates to a projected 47% reduction of the mechanical system energy usage, a $370k annual utility bill savings, and a 27,595 CO2e metric ton emissions reduction. Fully burdened project payback was less than 3 months.

Enabled Energy completed this work in March 2023.

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