2016 Case Study

Data Center Design for Overstock.com “Peace Coliseum”

Data Center Design for Overstock.com “Peace Coliseum”

Data Center Design for Overstock.com “Peace Coliseum” 2000 750 Enabled Energy

Overstock.com engaged Enabled Energy to provide conceptual design, owner’s representation during construction, and final commissioning in collaboration with Overstock.com’s technologies team to create a data center that reflects the innovative, efficient architecture that characterized the new 18-acre corporate headquarters in Salt Lake City, UT.

Enabled Energy’s Solution

In order to meet Overstock.com’s rigorous energy efficiency and sustainability standards, Enabled Energy engineers took advantage of the ideal Utah climate, selected proven technologies, and chose specific operating points to create a high-efficiency data center in the circular, coliseum-style building.

To maximize usable floor space, cooling units were mounted directly over the cold aisles providing the shortest and most efficient air path. In addition, the data center cooling loop boasts heat recovery to assist in heating the rest of the building during colder weather.

“When Overstock asked us to design a cutting-edge, ultra-efficient data center as a part of its new corporate campus, we were really excited,” said Jon deRidder, a Principal of Enabled Energy. “We loved working with the professional teams at Overstock. Overstock’s data center will deliver services at a lower total operating cost than any I have ever seen before.

The Results

Overstock.com’s goals of creativity and collaboration were realized with Enabled Energy’s ingenuity for data center efficiency. This resulted in a measured instantaneous PUE of 1.07 on one of the hottest days of the summer. Overstock.com’s SVP of Technology Carter Lee said, “To date, this data center is among the most efficient in the world.”

Enabled Energy completed this project in August of 2016. More than 1500 Overstock.com employees work at the new headquarters, named “The Peace Coliseum.”

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