Proven Results For Your Data Center

Enabled Energy helps data centers improve their bottom line by reducing energy and operating costs, deferring capital expenses, and modernizing the existing data center mechanical infrastructure.

Business Analysis and Rebate Management

Engineering and Recommissioning




Business Analysis and Rebate Management

Remove the hassle of working with utility companies for rebates, maximize your rebate dollars, and let Enabled Energy navigate the Utility Companies’ Rebate Programs.

  • PUE Assessment
  • Utility Bill Analysis
  • Savings Assessment
  • Turnkey Administration
  • Prescriptive Rebates
  • Custom Rebates
  • Measurement & Verification

Engineering and Recommissioning

Receive a holistic view of your data center as an integrated ecosystem, enhance cooling airflow performance of all the integrated systems. Benefit from optimizing, balancing, and adjusting temperatures, airflow and set points to achieve optimum performance.

  • Airflow Assessments, Balancing & Optimization
  • Diffuser, Damper & Ductwork Modifications
  • Tile Management
  • Water Assessments, Balancing & Optimization
  • Temperature Set Point Assessment & Optimization
  • Control System Assessment & Sequence Optimization

Airflow Management

Improve airflow efficiency, eliminate hot spots, lower PUE, raise inlet temps, add containment, and reduce hot and cold air mixing. Our expert analysis and ongoing customized reporting optimizes airflow management.

  • Air Balancing
  • Thermal Surveys
  • Hot Aisle & Cold Aisle Containment
  • Rack Containment
  • Air Tile Placement
  • Mechanical Equipment Assessment
  • Airflow Distribution Assessment

Mechanical Retrofits

Defer capital expenditures by modernizing and revitalizing existing equipment, extend equipment lifetime an average of 7 years, and generate better-than-new performance at a fraction of replacement costs.

  • EC Fans
  • VFDs
  • CRAC/CRAH Retrofits
  • Chillers
  • Dry Coolers
  • Towers
  • Diffuser, Damper, and Ductwork Modifications
  • Humidification


Obtain an expert toolset to help you visualize and optimize your energized infrastructure.
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Humidity Monitoring
  • Cabinet Floor Plans & Heat Maps
  • Temperature Optimization Metrics
  • AC Unit Heat Maps
  • AC Utilization and Efficiency Metrics
  • Bypass Air Flow or Re-circulation Metrics
  • Cooling Plant Maps
  • Cooling Plant Efficiency Metrics
  • Power Chain Energy Utilization
  • Energy Metrics Across Enterprise
  • Optimization Business Cases Across Enterprise
  • Custom Charting and Trending for All Points/Devices
  • Energy and Operational Analytics
  • Verify Retro-Commissioning Improvements
  • Sustain Optimization Improvements
  • Integration with Existing BMS

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