2020 Case Study

Retrofits & System RCx Saves Customer Over $100k

Retrofits & System RCx Saves Customer Over $100k

Retrofits & System RCx Saves Customer Over $100k 2000 1055 Enabled Energy

The goal of the project at this colocation facility in New Jersey was to improve energy efficiency and cooling reliability through the implementation of mechanical upgrades. The client contracted Enabled Energy to upgrade the computer room air conditioning (CRAC) units with variable frequency drives (VFDs), install a fan control system, and perform overall system recommissioning.

Enabled Energy’s Solution

Enabled Energy recommended retrofitting 32 CRACs with fan motor VFDs, installing a control system based on measured supply ductwork static pressure, and system recommissioning. These solutions allow for airflow regulation based on actual IT demand.

The Results

All 32 CRAC motors received a VFD. The CRAC fan speeds for each zone were commissioned to maintain optimal system static pressure within the associated supply ductwork networks. Minimum fan speed floors were defined and programmed to prevent unit coil freeze up. Each zone was commissioned to allow for lowest possible fan speed across all supporting units, resulting in maximized energy savings.

Based on a comparison of pre and post project data, the site will realize an annual energy reduction of 1,467,052 kWh, amounting to $133,502 in OPEX savings (based on a utility rate of $0.091/kWh). The local utility has approved an anticipated incentive amount of $143,104 for this project through its NJCEP Smart Start program. The annual savings and rebate combine for an estimated project payback of 1.22 years and a ROI of 82%.

Enabled Energy, Inc. completed this project over a 4-week period in the Fall of 2020. CFM Company provided the ABB VFDs for this project. Niagara-based controls were used for the AC units.

* Estimated greenhouse gas emissions reduction calculated with www.epa.gov/energy/greenhouse-gas-equivalencies-calculator

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