2020 Case Study

Hillsboro Retrofit Amplifies Impact with Quick Payback

Hillsboro Retrofit Amplifies Impact with Quick Payback

Hillsboro Retrofit Amplifies Impact with Quick Payback 1500 1000 Enabled Energy

The goal of this project in Hillsboro, OR was to implement mechanical upgrades in order to improve energy efficiency and cooling reliability. Enabled Energy was tasked with determining scope and design primarily based on overall project payback and current load conditions at the facility while maintaining appropriate cooling performance and redundancy.

Enabled Energy’s Solution

Enabled Energy’s solution retrofitted twenty-one CRAH units with EC fans, installed a control system to modulate fan speed of the retrofit units, and managed room airflow to optimize airflow delivery.

The control systems implemented in the Terminal/Switch Room, Carrier Room and North Battery Room (Plants A, B & C) were all commissioned for under-floor pressure set points that resulted in average fan speeds in each zone of 51%, 45% and 46%, respectively. The South Battery Room (Plants D & E) and the Main Electrical Room were each commissioned to run at a static setpoint of 50% fan speed.

In the case of the Carrier Room, South Battery Room (Plants D & E), and Main Electrical Room, no automatic mechanism is present to enable the redundant units should the retrofitted units fail, so the non-retrofitted units were left on to provide redundancy.

The Results

The completed project reduced demand by an estimated 91 kW and saved an estimated 793,819 kWh annually. This equates to over $57,000 saved on annual energy expense at a $0.07/kWh rate. An additional $21,000 will be saved by reduced maintenance costs. The rebate for the CRAH EC Fan retrofits is $250,447 provided by the Energy Trust of Oregon incentive program. The annual energy savings and rebate combine to make a total project payback less than 0.6 years with an ROI of 166%.

Enabled Energy, Inc. completed this project over a 4-week period in the Fall of 2020. Rosenburg provided the EC Fans for this project. Niagara-based controls were used for the AC units.

* Estimated greenhouse gas emissions reduction calculated with www.epa.gov/energy/greenhouse-gas-equivalencies-calculator

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