Enabled Energy Staff Receive Training

Enabled Energy Staff Receive Training

Enabled Energy Staff Receive Training 1000 483 Enabled Energy

Enabled Energy’s technical staff kicked off 2020 in Denver by attending RCA Training provided by Lee Dawson of Quality One International (https://quality-one.com/).

“Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is a comprehensive term encompassing a collection of problem solving methods used to identify the real cause of a non-conformance or quality problem.  Root Cause Analysis is the process of defining, understanding and solving a problem. The root cause has also been described as an underlying or fundamental cause of a non-conformance, defect or failure. Furthermore, the term “root cause” can also be referred to as the precise point in the causal chain where applying a corrective action or intervention would prevent the non-conformance from occurring.”

The EE Team explored several different methods of problem solving through a variety of hands on exercises.  Some of these included determining the root cause by utilizing “The 5 Whys”, “Fishbone Diagram Analysis”, “Infinity Diagrams” and “Is / Is Not Analysis”.  The EE Team learned to use both inductive and deductive reasoning to describe the problem and determine the root cause.  As a team, they are now more confident that they have additional tools available to methodically determine the root cause of their client’s problems in their data centers.

For more information on how Enabled Energy can get to the root cause of a problem in your data center, please contact us at 303.761.9890.

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