How to Increase Efficiency with a Data Center Checkup

How to Increase Efficiency with a Data Center Checkup

How to Increase Efficiency with a Data Center Checkup 1200 866 Enabled Energy

If you’re like most data center operators and managers, your facility is in nearly constant flux. Physical infrastructure technology changes and adjusts. Your IT infrastructure has been adjusted, replaced, or re-designed to respond to changes in users or technology. Your operations team manipulates settings and controls to keep up with changes and an aging infrastructure.

Equipment is reaching end of life. Manufacturers stop supporting equipment critical to your operations. Critical systems monitoring has gaps or shortcomings. Enterprise managers have limited visibility to field operations. DCIM platforms are working, but not quite as they should.

Does any of this sound familiar? It may be time for a facility ‘check-up.’

Our team is ready to help

Enabled Energy specializes in the evaluation, design, and implementation of improvements to enhance reliability, capacity, and efficiency of aging data centers.

We have a comprehensive toolset of diagnostic models and processes to identify gaps, benchmark efficiency, and evaluate options to address long-term infrastructure needs. We can deploy these tools to deliver analysis reports, along with a portfolio of suggested improvements and adjustments – many of which are low cost or no cost to implement – to improve operations, reliability, energy consumption, and capacity.

We can start simply with remote benchmarking tools to provide a high-level performance check, or dive into the infrastructure with our expert engineering staff and diagnostic equipment to derive construction-ready improvement plans. It’s all based on your needs, requirements, and timing.

Level 0

Benchmark Assessment

A rapid, no-cost evaluation of your facility PUE based on its size, utility structure, and IT usage profile to identify performance vs. the ideal state.

Level 1

Benchmark Assessment

A more in-depth remote energy performance diagnosis based on readily-available data center utility and facility infrastructure information provided by you to our engineering team. High level retrofit economics are included as part of the deliverable.

Level 1.5

Feasibility Assessment

A combination of the Level 1 performance diagnosis with a brief (1-2 hour) on-site tour and interview. In addition to high-level retrofit economics, EE includes EOL and reliability options to provide a more comprehensive list of long-term needs.

Level 2

Site Audit

A detailed audit and inventory of all power and cooling systems, generally lasting 4 hours to 2 days. Results of the audit include retrofits (low cost/no cost), reliability upgrades, EOL upgrades, and capacity improvements. All strategies include projected savings, utility rebates, costs, and ROIs. We can provide detailed designs and firm, fixed price options to quantify the exact savings, costs, and ROI for your facility in our Step 2 audit reports.

Ready to get started?

Don’t delay – our team can initiate a Level 0 or Level 1 audit at no cost for most clients based on information readily available to the facility managers as well as potentially a short off-site interview. We can execute confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements to adhere to your company’s protocol before we begin.

Get in touch today to schedule your site audit and learn more about our recommissioning and retrofits solutions. | 303-761-9890

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