How EE’s Wireless Sensors Help Customers Track Performance

How EE’s Wireless Sensors Help Customers Track Performance

How EE’s Wireless Sensors Help Customers Track Performance 1024 333 Enabled Energy
Case Study Overview

Enabled Energy recently completed a successful deployment of its second-generation wireless space temperature sensors at a telecommunication’s central office in Utah.  The facility is a large data center that supports a critical load of about 455kW.  38 wireless space temperature sensors were deployed along with two wireless network gateways to augment an existing array of 230 wireless space temperature sensors in the facility.  The sensors were installed in a configuration of one sensor for every three active equipment racks in the cold aisles and one sensor for every five active racks per hot aisle which aligns with ASHRAE standards.

Enabled Energy's wireless temperature sensor and network gateway
Tracking Data with ClaritEETM

The sensor data is networked through the wireless gateways to Niagara-based controllers that communicate the data to an Enabled Energy ClaritEE™ energy management system.  The ClaritEE™ system graphically represents the temperature data and generates real-time heat maps for the data center.  The data is also used by the ClaritEE™ system to calculate a rack cooling index (RCI) metric for each room in the data center.  A trending tool within the ClaritEE™ system collects temperature data and creates charts for tracking temperature data from any sensor(s) over time.  The ClaritEE™ system supports alarm features for the temperature sensors that notify users of high or low temperatures, low battery life, and lost communication.  Interestingly, the ClaritEE™ system shows the temperature sensors in the existing array still have approximately 88% of their battery life remaining despite being deployed over a year and a half ago!

Enabled Energy's ClaritEE™ energy management system

This customer is looking forward to utilizing the temperature sensor data and analytics to optimize air conditioning in the space so as to reduce energy consumption and improve overall PUE of the facility.  They also intend to leverage the ClaritEE™ system for ongoing local and remote diagnostics for ongoing operations and maintenance needs.

If you would like more information about how EE’s temperature sensors and gateways can be used to manage the energy use in your data center, please contact Enabled Energy, Inc. at 303.761.9890 or email for more information.

About the Author

Kevin Murphy is a Business Development Executive for Enabled Energy, responsible for several national accounts. He combines his project management skills and customer service commitment to assist each of his clients find the best energy management solution for their facility.

Kevin and his family live on the East Coast.  When not at EE, you might find him watching one of his boys basketball games or spending time with his extended family.  Next time you see him, ask about the time he ran the NYC Marathon!

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