Enjoy Quick Paybacks with Enabled Energy’s EE-Z Save™ Recommissioning Program

Enjoy Quick Paybacks with Enabled Energy’s EE-Z Save™ Recommissioning Program

Enjoy Quick Paybacks with Enabled Energy’s EE-Z Save™ Recommissioning Program 1280 720 Enabled Energy
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Data centers are expensive to operate.  Finding opportunities to save operating expenses is important. The challenge is finding the time, money, and resources to take advantage of those opportunities.

At Enabled Energy (EE), we work closely with our clients to identify the opportunities in their facility and provide a detailed business case that meets their near-term financial needs. The savings are in every facility; our team just needs to uncover them.

Using our EE-Z Save Recommissioning Program, our dedicated engineers can assist our clients in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Assessment

Enabled Energy provides a FREE, no-commitment remote assessment of their facility. After analyzing the data provided, our clients receive an assessment and business case including estimated costs, savings, and rebate opportunities. The easy savings identified will also have a great project payback. The process is risk-free, which means Enabled Energy will not move forward unless we’re convinced this project will work.

Step 2: Site Visit

Next, EE will visit the data center to confirm our findings and projections in Step 1. After our visit, our clients receive a tailored, engineered proposal with schematic designs outlining the recommissioning projects we identified. These projects may include air management, water loop management, control system tune-ups, VFD units, EC fans, or containment.  The proposal will also include an in-depth audit of the data center, detailed savings projections, along with a firm quote and rebate plan. EE also includes recommendations for future opportunities that do not meet the near-term investment hurdles of our client.

Step 3: Implementation

Once the EE team of qualified recommissioning professionals and construction managers implement the project, and initiate the available rebates – our clients’ savings begin.

Many of the world’s top telecom companies, colocation companies, and a myriad of other data center operators enjoy quick paybacks in their facilities.  Enabled Energy helped them implement the EE-Z Save Recommissioning Program to support their data center and their goals.

Contact us today at 303.981.9870 (or email for more information) if you are interested in learning more about the EE-Z Save Recommissioning Program.

Joe Staib leads the daily activities at Enabled Energy. After graduating with a degree from Villanova and designing aircraft engine controllers for a year, Joe decided to leave GE and chase his two passions of construction and energy management. He went back to school, completed a master’s degree in engineering from Penn State, and wrote his thesis on optimizing energy efficiency in buildings. From that point on, Joe has enjoyed a diverse career in both the energy and the construction industries. These experiences include jobs with a large automation company, an energy services company, a top ten design-build mechanical contractor, and a real estate development firm. He brings his engineering training and mindset to all of his work activities, i.e. as a problem solver. Joe has been in the energy and construction business for 25 years.

While not at EE, Joe spends most of his time with his wife, children and extended family. He also enjoys most sports, remodeling old homes, and taking road trips.

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