COVID 19: Industry Resources

COVID 19: Industry Resources

COVID 19: Industry Resources 2500 800 Enabled Energy

Buddy Jerome, Enabled Energy’s Delivery Leader, attended Uptime Institutes March 16th Minimizing Critical Facility Risk Webinar.  They have created a COVID-19 response guide based on tips and recommendations from its network of data center operators and partners.  The free report, can be found here.


  • The Pandemic will last many months
  • Management is focused on staff and health first – resiliency second
  • Critical facilities are proving critical
  • Critical infrastructure sector is structurally strong, economic impacts secondary

Impacts to Date

  • Reduction or elimination of face-to-face contact
  • Few outages related to virus reported (to date)
  • Some signs of network strain
  • Secondary/non-priority activity postponed

Medium / Long-Term Impacts

  • Preparation/planning becomes permanent
  • Automation/remote management more important
  • Collaboration tools/service more important
  • Critical services are yet more critical
  • Governments may seek more control

At Enabled Energy, we are ready to help you with your data center’s immediate and long-term needs. We understand the necessity of remote management and monitoring of your critical facility. Call us today at 303.761.9890 to learn more about the products and services we can help you address the ongoing impact of COVID-19.

Additional Resources cited by Uptime:
National and international news, public health and governmental agencies — for example,

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